Empire BT Rip Clip 2 E-Loader System



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The engineers at Empire Paintball have gone back to the drawing board and come up with a new version of the Empire BT Rip Clip. With a sleek new shape and lower profile, this loader will offer a smaller target for your opponents to keep you on the field. Utilizing the proven technology of the VLocity loader with some Empire magic thrown in, the Rip Clip will perform flawlessly every time. The new design offers tool-less maintenance within a shell offering a massive capacity of 220 paintballs. Sound and Eye sensors determine when to initiate ball feeding, so you'll have a steady stream of paint to hose down your opponents.

New shell design with smaller, shorter profile
Tool-less maintenance and cleaning
Larger catch cup and added Freeway anti-jam for consitent reliable feeding
Sound and Eye sensors for accurate feed initiation and automatic jam clearing
Side-mount attachment system allows down-the-barrel sighting
Loader drive based on VLocity technology for extraordinary performance
Fits all BT-4 models, plsu includes adaptors for TM-7 and TM-15 markers
Accommodates the Empire Quick Load lid for different re-load options

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