Paintball Seals Grease

Paintball Seals


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Paintball Seals Grease

Paintball Seals Grease for your favourite markers.

Keep your marker lubed with Paintball Seals Grease.

Please ensure you select the right grease for your marker.


Seal 33 Thick - Regular grease for most markers

Seal 33 Thin - A thinner grease for those who crave efficiency and the smoothest possible shot. it has also been tested on Airsoft guns with great results, particularly with PolarStar setups.

Seal 55 - For Bob Long markers and any others that require a lube to soften O-rings.

Seal HP - A synthetic compound specifically designed for high pressure applications, the ONLY type of lube you should use in high pressure systems like HPA tank regulators. It also makes a great seal on any non-moving parts (its too sticky for fast moving parts)

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