SplatMaster .50cal Ammo Box



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Prepare for heavy shooting with a JT SplatMaster 1000ct Ammo Box!

Splat Marks the Spot! JT SplatMaster Ammo fills are specifically designed for quick and easy clean up with water, while being resistant to staining. The shells are made of gelatin – what does that mean? It means it is like a vitamin E pill and will essentially disappear with some water. After a day of playing JT SplatMaster, simply break out the hose and rinse off your targets... quick and clean! Only use JT SplatMaster Ammo with your JT SplatMasters. Get in the Game!

To keep your JT SplatMaster Ammo in tip-top condition, store in a climate controlled, dark place like a basement of closet. For optimal performance keep Ammo between 15° C and 30° C with a relative humidity of no more than 50%. To keep your Ammo fresh avoid contact with water, do not freeze, avoid high temperatures, do not store in vehicle, avoid direct sunlight and do not store outdoors.

*Ammo colour & packaging will vary with shipments*

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