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Born from mud, paint and bruises…

Forged from a band of brothers, a group of grunts forming a paintball team located in Australia. Looking for a cool name that described us and our enthusiasm, Dead Serious® was born and seemed appropriate. Dead Serious® was an attitude, it was what drove us to strive for more, get shot by more paintballs, get down and dirty, taking as many risks as we could all in the name of some serious fricken fun.

As time went on we applied our name to paintball gear, head bands, caps, tee shirts, gloves and all sorts of clothing, basically anything we could.

From humble beginnings, gear started to sell locally, within Australia, tees and other clothing items started to sell, interstate, then overseas via paintball networks and kept on spreading. More gear quickly started to sell in the USA, and UK. Dead Serious® was always about the personal achievement and the success of Dead Serious® as a brand is a cool reflection of the Dead Serious® attitude of individuals. Today, Dead Serious® is sold throughout Europe, USA, UK, China, Japan, Russia, Canada, South America and Australia.

Dead Serious® became a viable option of a clothing brand when, others took an interest in wearing the branded threads, and look cool whilst pursuing their sport. Dead Serious® covers all facets of sport, pursuits, and lifestyle.

Dead Serious®, One Attitude…