Tiberius Arms Paintball started with a novel design and has grown into one of the most respected companies in paintball. Tiberius was the first to release a reliable and effective mag fed paintball pistol. This took the scenario/ Milsim world by storm and sent other manufacturers scrambling to catch up. Taking the concept further, Tiberius began releasing upgrades and whole markers using the pistol as its base and kickstarted the mag fed paintball craze.

Realizing that there was a market for a true paintball sniper or sharpshooter, Tiberius Arms then set out to re-invent the paintball. The result was the First Strike Round, a photodegradable projectile that has a paint-filled hollow nose and a fin stabilized cylindrical rear. First Strike Rounds fly farther and straighter than any previous paintball and, after a slow start due to their cost, eventually developed a cult following. Again, other manufacturers had to scramble to catch up, making markers and conversion kits to fire FSRs.

Tiberius Arms Paintball continues to innovate, developing more Milsim products with the serious scenario player and police/ military training in mind. Watch for more exciting news from this trend-setting company.