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DYE Precision, Inc. is a manufacturer of paintball markers and equipment based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 1994, DYE is one of the oldest companies in the sport. It manufactures a wide range of paintball equipment, as well as the popular Dye Matrix line of markers. The "DYE" in "DYE Precision" is an acronym for "Dave Youngblood Enterprises." Dave Youngblood is DYE's founder and former CEO. Its relatively expensive equipment, as well as sponsorship of several high-profile professional paintball players through their factory team the Los Angeles Ironmen, has garnered DYE an informal reputation as "The Nike of Paintball."

In the early 2000's, DYE created a subsidiary company, Proto Paintball, to sell similar equipment and markers at lower prices.

Dye Precisions Mission Statement is To provide the best service and products available in the paintball industry. Dye Paintball is one of the leading companies that produce Top of the line paintball equipment.