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SLY Paintball began in the mid-2000s and quickly became a household name in the competitive play scene. SLY Paintball broke new ground in paintball fashion and aesthetic, creating a look and style to fit the high tech world of tournament paintball. Sly had an entire line of quality soft goods such as pants, jerseys, packs, and the famous full zip hoodie.

Sly was also a favorite barrel maker, designing 1 piece and full carbon fiber barrel kits that were light weight and accurate. SLY Paintball made waves when they introduced the Sly Profit Goggle, a sleek and tech-looking paintball mask. Other paintball masks under the Annex brand soon followed.

Sly is now a brand under Valken Sports. If you should have any warranty issue with a Sly product you may contact Valken's warranty/ service center at (856) 812-2800.