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Tippmann Paintball is more than a company; Tippmann Paintball is an institution. Tippmann paintball guns are famous for the extreme ruggedness and reliability in the worst of conditions. Tippmanns are one of the most recommended markers for beginners as well as for hardcore Woodsball/ scenario players who need equipment they can depend on.

Tippmann began making paintball guns in 1986, the early days of the sport, with the release of the SMG-60. This was a .62 caliber paintball gun that could fire in semi or full auto; an industry first! A semi auto only version, the SMG-68, followed the next year. Various models from the Pro-Am to the Pro-Lite were in production until 1998, when the Tippmann 98 was released. The '98' was a revolution in design, becoming a marker that was famous for its durability and ability to withstand the worst use and abuse. In 2002, they released the Tippmann A5. The A5 became a recreational and Woodsball favorite for its easy field strip capability and the Cyclone Feed System. This was a hopper design that took excess air from the valve to drive the paddle of the loader, eliminating the need to use an electronic loader for fast, chop-free performance. The Tippmann X7 took the A5 concept and made it modular, able to accept a wide variety of mods quickly and easily for a thousand different looks and functions. In 2009 the Tippmann TiPX Pistol was released for the burgeoning paintball pistol market. The next year saw the Tippmann X7 Phenom, introducing a new level of technology from Tippmann. The Phenom uses blow-forward technology and has the ability to switch between mechanical semi auto and electronic full auto on the fly. Soon after the Tippmann Crossover and Crossover XVR were created to give players a speedball-inspired marker with Tippmann's famous Woodsball reliability. The latest release from Tippmann is the TCR, a mag fed marker for the rising mag fed paintball market.

Tippmann Paintball also purchased NXe, to expand their line of paintball harnesses, tactical vests, gear bags, backpacks and clothing. Tippmann also manufactures a popular line of paintball goggles, loaders, and other accessories.

Tippmann Paintball is famous for their exemplary customer service. For warranty and tech questions you may contact them at:

Tippmann Sports LLC. Fort Wayne, IN2955 Adams Center Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46803, USA
Toll Free 1-800-533-4831
Phone: 260-749-6022
Fax: 260-749-6619