PMI Paintball began in the early 1980s in the very first years of the sport. Jeff Perlmutter and David Freeman started Pursuit Marketing Inc. (PMI), manufacturing and distributing paintballs and gear to field owners and stores. Their first paintball marker, a brass pistol called the PG (later the PGP when they added a pump handle to cock it easier), sold well over half a million units. Their paintballs were made on contract from RP Scherer (RPS) until they bought the factory.

PMI Paintball was always in competition with National Paintball Supply (NPS) until the late 2000s when, in a bold move, an investment company stepped up and bought both PMI and NPS, merging the two companies together. The union of these two paintball juggernauts became Kee Action Sports.

Although rebranded, many players still refer to certain products as being from PMI. If you have any unforeseen issues or questions about former PMI products, please contact Paintball Solutions, the Warranty/ Repair division of Kee Action Sports.

Phone 1-800-220-3222
Email tech@paintballsolutions.com.

PMI Pure Energy Paintball has been around forever. They have produced one of the longest running paintball tank lines in the industry. Pure Energy, sometimes referred to as PE are a great choice for any level of player!