A5/X7 Sniper Barrel 22"

Point Blank Paintball


  • A5/X7 Sniper Barrel 22"
  • A5/X7 Sniper Barrel 22"

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1x 18inch Tactical barrel with M22*1 Threaded tip.

1x 4inch M177 Muzzle Brake.

The high quality of these barrels will give you supreme performance on the field.

The Sniper barrel is designed on the outside for looks and engineered on the inside to greatly improve accuracy and reliability.

The Sniper Barrel is key to converting a paintball marker for scenario play.

The Sniper Barrel will not only make your marker look and feel better, but will also enhance your accuracy as well.

This barrel will fit any marker with A5/X7 threads.

M177 Whisper Muzzle brake

High quality aluminium

M22*1 Thread

127mm long

Bore size 18mm

Outer diameter 31mm

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