First Strike 8.1 Pistol Magazine

First Strike


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Each magazine for the Tiberius Arms Tac-8.1/9.1 holds 8 paintballs and one 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Unlike other paintball pistols, the Tac-8.1/9.1 is so well designed that when the mag is ejected, the magazine seals and holds the pressure of the CO2 cartridge until it’s re-inserted into the gun. Each CO2 cartridge is good for approximately 3 full magazines, or 24 paintballs. Not only that, but this newest edition of the magazine is compatible with both normal .68 caliber paintballs, but also Tiberius’s first strike rounds.


Inserts into Tiberius 8/8.1 and T9/T9.1 rifles
Holds 8 paintballs and CO2 cartridge
Lightweight and durable
First Strike Ready – includes the red First Strike magazine spring
Made to re-load with ease and precision
Strong metal design

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