L20 - Alloy CO2 Tank



  • L20 - Alloy CO2 Tank
  • L20 - Alloy CO2 Tank
  • L20 - Alloy CO2 Tank
  • L20 - Alloy CO2 Tank

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Gladiatair L20 Alloy CO2 Cylinder

The L20 is the perfect size paintball tank for field operators using CO2. 

With an infinite life, the paintball tanks may never need replacing if they pass their hydro test every five years.


Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.


This paintball tank will last your entire paintball playing lifetime and can then be resold to another player.


Manufactured from quality materials and to the highest international standards.

Working Pressure 1800psi

Capacity 51ci

Capacity 0.83L

Diameter 81mm

Length 238mm

Weight 0.73kg

Note: Tank is empty when purchased and must be filled locally. Filled tanks cannot be shipped.

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