Ball Sizer & Multi Tool

HK Army


  • Ball Sizer & Multi Tool
  • Ball Sizer & Multi Tool

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HK Army Ball sizer & Multi Tool

The HK Army Ball sizer is a multipurpose tool for players of all levels. With 9 ball sizing gauges, you will be able to match your paint size to your barrel bore size for optimal accuracy. In addition to the sizing gauges, this handy tool comes with a hex wrench opening to assist with removal of a tank extender. The HK Army Ball Sizer also incorporates a tape cutter, bottle opener, and is topped off with a carabiner for clipping onto belt loops, backpack webbing, or a lanyard.

Machined Aluminum Paintball Sizer
9 Ball Sizing Gauges With Laser Engraved Sizes
HK Army Carabiner
Bottle Opener
Tank Extender Wrench
Tape Cutting Edge

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