Lok Bolt for Tippmann TiPX and TCR

Modern Combat Sports (MCS)


  • Lok Bolt for Tippmann TiPX and TCR
  • Lok Bolt for Tippmann TiPX and TCR

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Complete MCS Lok Bolt breach kit
Fits Tippmann TiPX and TCR

The lok bolt locks out the bolt from firing unless a round is fully chambered, and thus preventing a chop. Advantage: Prevent chops and reduces air consumption when dry firing

Important information:
- For paintball use only, shaped and FS are not full tested and currently not supported
- If you want to shoot the last round with the standard 7 round magazine, do not install the lok-bolt return spring
- Use the lok-bolt return spring with the 12 round tru-feed magazine
- The face of the bolt will have marks as you shoot since it is being stopped by the lok-bolt

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