Ninja Coil RL PTC



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Ninja Coil Remote Line with PTC (Push To Connect)

Ninja Paintball is proud to release our next generation in remote systems – The Ninja PTC Remote. Our new PTC or Push To Connect remote systems have a new style quick disconnect fitting that acts as a slide check fitting and quick disconnect fitting, all rolled into one. This new remote system includes the Universal Fill Adapter, a coiled remote line, PTC fitting, and ASA Adapter. To install the new remote, take your ASA Adapter and male end of the PTC fitting and install those into your markers ASA. Take the female end of the PTC and slide it over the male fitting connected to the ASA Adapter. That’s all there is to it! To disconnect, simply depress the button on the female end of the PTC fitting and you’re done.


All black tactical look
Extremely flexible
Designed by paintball players
Aluminum NINJA push to connect coupler
Fully assembled and ready to go
3000 psi working pressure coiled hose
Will work with any paintball Air system or CO2 bottle

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