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Parts support is critical for any airsoft gun.  Tippmann continues their legacy of customer support by offering this basic part kit for their M4 Airsoft Gun.  This parts kit covers the essential wear components of the gun.  There are multiple O-rings in the kit that are perfect factory matches.  If you free an O-ring or damage it, no problem, just use the kit to fix the problem.  In addition to the O-Rings the kit also includes some grease and gun oil, hop up bucking, the front bolt spring, and some other additional hardware.  Are you going to a national operation for the weekend?  There's nothing worse than having your gun go down for something simple.  Having one of these parts kits in your essential equipment list will make sure you're able to get back on the field quickly if you run into any issues.

Not comfortable with installing the parts on your own?  No problem. We have you covered with our Fox Custom repair shop.  We offer full repairs, upgrades, and preventative maintenance on all guns that we sell.  If you're interested in using us for repair services, simply click this link to purchase our basic repair service.

What's Included In The Box: 

  •  Basic Parts Kit with Box
    • 1 x Grease Pack
    • 1 x Oil Pack
    • 1 x O-ring, C.U., 90A, 2-019
    • 2 x Pin Detent
    • 2 x O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-006
    • 2 x O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-008
    • 2 x .150" I.D. X 0.037" C.S., O-Ring, C.U., 70A
    • 1 x 10-32 x 3/16" LONG BHSCS
    • 1 x SHCS #6-32 X 1/4"
    • 1 x Hopup Pusher
    • 1 x Front Bolt Spring
    • 1 x Hopup Bucking

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