X-Radar Chronograph



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Tippmann X-Radar Chronograph

X-radar handheld paintball chronograph is an ideal way to keep each player honest and safe. Not only does it have the ability to measure the muzzle velocity of the paintballs coming out of your gun, it will also measure your rate of fire so that you can check how many balls per second your gun is throwing out.

Handy size: 5 3/8? X 2 3/4? X 1 1/4?
Low battery indicator
One button operation
Full 3-digit LCD display
No tools necessary to change the battery
Uses one 9 volt battery
Weighs under 7 ounces with battery installed
Reads 4 to 30 bps (balls per second)
Reads 200 to 399 fps (feet per sec)

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