Clock Chronograph



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Record Multiple Shots for Peak FPS & BPS
Scrollable FPS & BPS History
Velocity Consistency +/- and Average FPS
Virtue Clock Chronograph Game & Break Timers
Large OLED Multi-Display
Easy Virtue Trigger Programming
Tool-less AA Battery Door (4AAs)
Internal Allen Key holder (2 keys, not included)
Accessory Rail mount
Kensington Lock Slot
Tripod Mount Screw
Lanyard/Sling Mount
Heavy Duty Glass Filled Nylon Construction
RF Upgradeable
Record Multiple Shots for Peak FPS & BPS
No more “one balling” over the Chrono. Simply fire a burst of 3, 5, or more shots over the Clock and it will read them all and automatically display the peak FPS and BPS. This feature can dramatically decrease chrono time, and tells the player and ref exactly what they need to know in a single glance.
Scrollable FPS & BPS History
After firing a burst of shots over the Clock, it will display peak FPS & BPS, but the entire string (up to 15 shots) is recorded in scrollable memory. Simply tap the rear button to scroll thru and see the FPS and BPS for each of the shots (BPS of each of the last 2 shots).
Maximize Performance with Consistency +/- FPS Data
The Clock will automatically calculate and display the +/- consistency of your string and tell you how consistent your velocity is, as well as report the average FPS. Consistency is an important factor in determining your gun’s accuracy, especially at long range. The better the consistency (lower +/-) the tighter your shot grouping can be.
Manage Games More Effectively
Cut down on sitting around by managing your games & practices more effectively with the Game & Break Timer combo. Set the desired Game Time length, and then set the desired Break Time length. Once the Game Time expires, the Break Timer will automatically start, to let you know when it’s time to turn the next game around.
Large OLED Multi-Display

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